What are the benefits of Carbon Cleaning’s treatments?

There are a myriad of benefits reported. Just to name a few, restoration of lost horsepower and torque, fuel savings, smooth running engine and automatic gear changes! Do check out our testimonials and what our customers have to say!

I drive a turbocharged or supercharged vehicle, can I do the treatments?

Yes definitely! No worries at all! We have treated hundreds of different models of vehicles. In fact, based on dyno tests and customer feedbacks, the gains on forced induction engines were notably more significant!

What is the duration of treatments?

The duration for the treatment is 30min. 45 minutes should be set aside pending on the set-up, test drive and payment.

What type of vehicles can Carbon Cleaning Cardiff treat?

Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, Taxis, Trucks, Buses, HGV, Tractors and Generators.

Which parts of the engine will hydrogen cleaning be effective on?

Piston head
, Spark plugs
, Intake & exhaust valves (underneath), 
combustion chamber, 
direct injector nozzle
, Catalytic converter

Do I need to change my engine oil after the treatment?

Nope. The treatment will not cause any degradation to the engine oil as the affected area is only at the top part of the engine.

Should I clear before or after servicing?

It’s all up to the individual preference. There are no hard and fast rule on whether to do it before or after servicing.

I drive a new car, can I still come for hydrogen cleaning?

We recommend Carbon Cleaning Cardiff to be done every 20,000 km or manufacturer's recommended service intervals or every 12 months (whichever comes first)

Do I need to make an appointment or I can just walk-in?

By appointment basis only. Simply call 07790 704588 to arrange a booking for a Carbon Cleaning session!

How do I make a booking?

By appointment only basis. You can also use our online booking